Types Of Pool Heaters You Can Install in Your Home

Swimming pools add elegance and aesthetic quality to our homes whether built indoors or in outdoor space. When you have decided to install one within your home, you will be faced with a couple of varieties to choose from, depending on the shape, size, material, and design. Consequently, you will need to maintain and repair it whenever there’s a problem.

With the rise in technological advancement in almost any field, swimming pools have revolutionalized and have extended features to add more comfort and efficiency to the pool. One of these additions in pools are pool heaters. Below is a description of a variety of pool heaters that swimming pool heater repair orange county can install in your pool.

Gas pool heaters

These are the commonly used pool heaters. They are highly cost-effective, efficient, and do not require much maintenance. They are propelled by natural gas especially propane, that is stored under or beside the pool.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are more efficient than gas pool heaters. These variety of pool heaters are highly economical as they draw heat from the air then transfuse it to the pool, thus maintaining the temperature to a convenient degree. They have a vapor refrigeration unit that enhances transfer of heat from one point to the next. They operate in a similar way as indoor air conditioning units.

Solar pool heaters

Solar pool heaters have been used widely across the globe. They are modern types that offer efficiency coupled up with the economy. They are relatively cheaper compared to both heat and gas pool heaters. This variety of pool heaters account for more than 20 percent of worldwide installations. They are relatively cheap to maintain and install.

With solar heaters, desired temperatures are achieved and maintained regardless of the time of the day. Water that is heated over solar panels, circulates from the pool to the solar reservoir, where the previously heated water flows into the pool. For a solar pool heater to work efficiently, it has to be coupled with a good plumbing system. Conversely, you can be able to cool pre-heated pool by pumping water into the pool at night so that the pre-heated water is pumped out and cool water pumped into the pool.

Pool covers or pool blankets

Solar covers alias solar blankets are a conventional pool heater appliances that prevent evaporation of pool water that could be warmer during the day and slow down the cooling process at night, thus maintaining a desired temperature in the pool. The covers prevent much energy from the sun heating the pool. They are plastic in nature, designed in such a way that they can float on water. With these appliances, its not possible for water to heat as they prevent most of sun’s heat energy into the pool.

These appliances are recommended for use at night above-ground of the pool. For maximum performance, installing a pool heater in your pool for heating during the day is advised. similarly, pool covers/blankets preserve the temperature.

If you have installed a pool within your residential or commercial spaces, it is important is you hired a reliable and professional Orange County pool heater repair service for maximum efficiency of your pool.